A Way to Remove Temptation

A true story is told of a woman from Switzerland who was served dinner on a domestic American flight. She immediately opened up her dessert – a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake – and heavily salted and peppered it. The flight attendant was shocked and said to the passenger, “Oh! What’s wrong with you? It’s not necessary to do that!”

“But it is,” the woman replied, smiling. “It keeps me from eating it!”

Temptation is a fact of life. It is everywhere. Nobody is really strong in the face of temptation. The woman found a way to remove temptation! It whispers to us, “It’s ok, don’t worry!” “Try it just once. It’s not so dangerous! It’s not that bad anyway.” “Come on, everybody is doing it.” “Nobody will know.”  Temptation is tasty because it is always sugar-coated with a promise of pleasure. But we must be careful and vigilant to check where it is leading us, lest we suffer in life.

Quote: “There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.”
Mark Twain


About John Parankimalil

John Parankimalil, SDB, M.A. (English), M.Ed, Ph.D (Education), popularly known as P.D. Johny is a member of the Salesians of Don Bosco. He is presently the Rector and Principal of Don Bosco College, Tura, Meghalaya and Director of Don Bosco College of Teacher Education, Tura. He received the 1st Computer Literacy Excellence Award from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the President of India in August 2002 and the Guruvar Best Teacher Award from Shri Kapil Sibal, HRD Union Minister in 2009. He was formerly Principal of St Anthony's Higher Secondary School, Shillong and National President of All India Association of Catholic Schools (AINACS), New Delhi and the Charter President of Rotary Club of Orchid City, Shillong. He has authored several books. He is an Eduationist, Story-Teller and Leadership Trainer. He conducts seminars for Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents. His popular books include, He Can Who Thinks He Can (Macmillan), An Elocution Manual (Orient Longman), Progressive Parenting (Unicorn), Inspirational Stories for Purposeful Living (Babhani) The Way to Success and Happiness (Savio), How to Win Over Your Problems (Babhani), The Secrets of High Achievers (Babhani).
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